Help your Business to Grow with a Wikipedia Webpage

Any business or individual seeking online exposure and credibility would benefit greatly by creating a web page on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia that generally shows up in the top results of major search engines. It is ranked among the ten most popular websites online and is composed of the internet’s largest reference work. As of 2016, Wikipedia averages more than 18 billion page views per month and serves audiences in 280 different languages.

Creating a Wikipedia page could help a business acquire more traffic to its site, free of charge. Wikipedia status is that of a site with very strong authority; therefore, a business or individual who is reference on this site will also be considered a site that can be trusted. 

Wikipedia articles are not difficult to write but there are certain writing guidelines that must be followed to ensure that a webpage will be accepted. A business or individual must make sure that there are articles written about their company that is already online, create an Wikipedia account, present information that has been written about the company from these online sources. A business must be careful because Wikipedia does not like self- promotion.

To ensure that a webpage is in-line with Wikipedia’s writing guidelines a business or individual can get help at Here they hire Wikipedia writers that make up their experienced staff and will take the headache out of creating a webpage for themselves. All the while these companies are getting endless benefits and opportunities for their business or their online presence when they make a Wikipedia page with a professional service.

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