FreedomPop offers unlimited Data Services in Different 30 countries

FreedomPop is an adaptable virtual system and wireless internet provider with headquarters based in Los Angeles, California. The company gives VoIP and text, free data, free IP adaptable services, trades in cell phones, broadband gadgets and tablets that can be utilized with their services. The company was started by Stephen Stokols the CEO and Steven Sesar and gets support from other organizations such as; Mangrove Capital, Intel, Axiata, Atomico, DCM Capital and Partech Ventures. Up to this point, FreedomPop has contributed an overabundance of $109 million in addition to $50 million Series C by the half of 2016.


FreedomPop utilizes Sprint’s system in United States and in 2015 the company reviewed its courses of activities and interest to extend to other parts of the globe. For instance, that incorporated the plan of using Three’s system around UK by the middle of 2016. More so, the company pushed for a general SIM with Free adaptable data to over 25 countries, including US and UK while by the end of 2016, FreedomPop impelled a LTE SIM using the AT&T’s system.


Before he started FreedomPop, the current CEO Stephen Stokols worked as the Chief Executive Officer at Woo Media, which is a video startup and entertainment firm. FreedomPop joined with LightSquared in December 2011, causing the termination of the partnership with LightSquared as the later did not get Federal Communications Commission (FCC) endorsement in working out its framework. FreedomPop started giving 4G only hotspots in October 2012 with the services providing remote web and portable benefits within USA applying the Clearwire’s 4G system. That is before the association made changes to 20% of its free client base to paid clients in December 2012.


Another partnership occurred between the company and the Sprint in April 2013, to extend its scope that entailed 3G and 4G with Sprint idealized devices. But in October 2013 only a year after releasing the basic remote broadband, the association started its beta free mobile phone package that included data services, text and voice. Moreover, FreedomPop started providing Sprint-consummate iPhones and support in April 2014. The organization also released an iOS application that provides content, telephone message and voice services to clients within USA and come May 2014, the company started to support LTE Android PDAs. FreedomPop started giving its free 4G data bundles, text and voice packages to clients with tablets beginning with the Samsung Tab 3 and iPad Mini in July 2014.


Switching To FreedomPop Has Added More Spendable Money To My Pocket

I have a thing about contracts, and I absolutely will not sign up for any company that requires me to sign a contract, even if it was just for a single month. I had no problem signing up for FreedomPop because no contract was ever required, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy their company so much. When I first joined FreedomPop, it was less than a year ago, and I was in serious debt. I was trying to cut back on as much of my monthly costs as possible, and my cell phone bill was the first thing to get cut.

I was paying $120 each month for my unlimited cell phone bill with another carrier, and after I switched to FreedomPop, I was able to drop my bill all the way down to $20 each month for the same service. Saving $100 each month on my phone bill is incredible because I really needed that savings, and it’s made a huge difference in my monthly budget. I did do some research on the service before I made the switch because I didn’t want to be without the things I needed the most on my phone plan.

I have unlimited talk and text, but I can always use Wi-Fi to make calls on my smartphone, so my biggest issue was having enough data to use throughout the month for the services I use on my phone. I was grateful to find out that I get 1 GB of 4G LTE data but still have regular 3G speeds afterwards, which means I’ll have unlimited data for the month. I started using my phone service with FreedomPop for the first month, and I loved everything about it, so I’ve continued paying for it month after month.

I went out of town and had to use more of my data than I anticipated, but I needed higher speeds, so I chose to pay for the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service for five dollars that I read about in a FreedomPop review. I was surfing at blazing fast speeds on the Wi-Fi connections, and I was able to find tons of connections in the city that I was visiting. Even when I went back home, I still have great Wi-Fi connections that constantly give me 4G LTE speeds. When it comes to my cell phone service as well as the Wi-Fi I use, FreedomPop is the only choice for me.

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Securus Technologies Have Revolutionary Implication; Especially ConnectUs

ContactUs portends to save a third of a billion dollars with full implementation throughout the Securus Technologies network of inmates. Securus caters to over 2,000 correctional facilities in the United States alone. They’ve got an inmate count of 1.2 million. Each inmate files approximately 13.8 complaint and grievances forms a month. Processing of these forms usually takes a bit longer than five minutes, but that’s a conservative enough estimate to paint a numerical picture. At five minutes per form, a single form equals one hour by the end of the year (13.8 forms per prisoner, multiplied by 5 minutes per form, multiplied by 12 months in the year). So by multiplying the number of prisoners in an institution by 13.8, the hours officers spend dealing with forms can be approximated–if, indeed, only five minutes per form is used. If there are 200 inmates, 2,760 is likely the minimum lost to this antiquated 20th century means of filing. At $10.00 an hour, that’s $27,600 a year. At $20 an hour, it’s $55,200. Across 1.2 million inmates, the numbers work out to $331,200,000.

Securus Technologies’ ContactUs can cut that figure down substantially. Again, using conservative estimates, should the complete deployment of this platform–a completely customizable platform which allows facilities to design what information inmates have access to, as well as specific applications for local purposes–take place, at 1/20th of the time per form, that’s a savings of $314,640,000. The more time a given correctional facility is currently spending on forms, the more savings they will have.

The Better Business Bureau has given Securus Technologies an A+ rating, and it makes a lot of sense. By providing cost and time saving measures to correctional facilities, they help millions be saved across the country, which can make it so rehabilitative measures will likely be employed more effectively, ultimately benefitting society.

How Much Can People Save With WhatsApp And FreedomPop?

People who are trying to save money on phone plans have seen how expensive some of their favorite companies are, but they can learn a lot from a new story in Venture Beat. People who read the article are going to learn a lot about how the can save money working with FreedomPop, and the new plan that has been unveiled with WhatsApp gives everyone who already loves WhatsApp a reason to switch.

FreedomPop has very inexpensive plans that anyone will be able to pay for from a free plan to a 2 GB plan, and it is important to keep these plans in check. Basically, FreedomPop helps people by graduating their plans, and people pay more for the more data and minutes they use. Someone who want to use WhatsApp for the first time will find it downloaded on their FreedomPop phone, and they can login for the first time to start texting and calling. The idea behind this is that people are going to stay on WhatsApp, and they are going to use that for all their communication needs.

FreedomPop is not going to force anyone to pay for data when they are on WhatsApp, and it is going to be a service that people can use on any of their devices. WhatsApp opens up the world to a lot of people, and using it free on a FreedomPop phone just makes FreedomPop even more affordable than it already was. There is a better way for people to save money on cell phones outside of paying for bad coverage. FreedomPop is going to help people get their phones for less money, and it is going to help people when they are trying to save data.

Saving data is easy when people stay on WhatsApp all the time to talk and text. The app is going to bring together all the messaging that someone has to do, and the app is going to help people talk easily from one place. FreedomPop phones are going to carry the app when they are purchased, and the users who stick to WhatsApp are going to save a lot of money.

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FreedomPop continues to grow

People are increasingly connected, but until recently, the cost of these connections was exorbitant. Many people could not afford to pay hundreds of dollars just to access the internet and contact friends and family. Wireless companies have tried various gimmicks to draw people in, but the price has remained too high. FreedomPop seeks to change the way people perceive wireless services forever. They have rolled out a line of free and cheap wireless services that will connect the world.

FreedomPop started several years ago with a very simple goal. Bring cell phone service to the masses. The company started by producing wi-fi hotspots that offered a limited amount of free Internet, and additional GB’s of bandwidth for a small fee. The service immediately boomed in popularity. FreedomPop earned an exceptional amount of money in each test market, allowing the company to expand throughout the United States. Today, FreedomPop operates around the world and offers a cell phone, tablet, and wi-fi hotspot services. Their accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Several carriers have made bids for FreedomPop, but none purchased this growing company. FreedomPop has had several successful rounds of funding, and recently they announced another successful round.

Over the last year, FreedomPop has attracted several venture capital investors. These investors have funneled millions of dollars into the company. FreedomPop has happy to receive this funding, but they are not resting on their laurels. The company intends to expand rapidly. They have invested their funding into both domestic and international expansion plans while also fighting off acquisition talks. The company intends to be a player in the telecom industry for years to come.

FreedomPop offers a truly unique service, which is changing the face of telecommunications for the better. People around the globe can now communicate with each other for very little money. The company should grow into a telecommunications power in the next few years.