The Deal of the Decade Coming To An End Between Jay Z and Live Nation

An astonishing $150 million contract was made between Live Nation and Jay Z for 10 years back in 2008. The deal involved Roc Nation. Next year marks the 10 year mark and there are speculations on what will happen next. At the 10 year mark, one of two things could occur. Either a buy/sell which means that either Jay Z or Live Nation could sell their part in Roc Nation to the other or one of them can purchase the company. Hop over to for a related article

Sources from Live Nation have said that they plan to continue the touring aspect of the deal with Jay Z, but they do not want to be involved with the recording music part. A spokesman from Jay Z’s end said that the contract would not be re-upped. The reason for this is because Live Nation no longer buys recorded music. Prior to the slight change in Live Nation’s business, they had purchased rights to the musicians and their recorded music. While Live Nation decided not to be involved with the recorded music side, they wish to continue with the touring relationship with Jay Z. Refer to for additional article.

There is some speculation that Universal Music Group may be buying a stake in Roc Nation. On Wednesday, Jay Z and Desiree Perez met with the chairman of UMG which caused the speculation to begin. If the rumors are true, this could push Jay Z’s career forward, giving him the necessary resources to discover new artists and push his online streaming business, Tidal, in the right direction. For Dez timeline activities, click this.

Desiree Perez and Jay Z have known each other for twenty years. She runs the company, SC Enterprises, and her track record proves why she holds this position within the company. She is a phenomenal negotiator and is great with working numbers. Perez has helped with negotiations with Beyonce and Rihanna.  Check this on

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