Distributed Canvassing is a Total Game Changer

If you or anyone you know has ever worked in the field department on a political campaign then chances are you know or have heard about the pains of “cutting turf”. Cutting turf is one of the many necessary time sinks that make up a campaign, and it is a tedious process that can be frustrating for any field organizer. Luckily, NGP Van (the leading progressive voter database company) has made strides to make cutting turf a thing of the past with their newest development: distributed canvassing.


What separates distributed canvassing from any product like it is its simplicity and easiness to use. All campaigns have to do is create a universe and script to their liking, at which point distributed canvassing will automatically cut up the turf into walkable chunks. Now, instead of wasting hours cutting turf field teams can simply give a list number to their canvassers who simply punch it in to the MiniVan NGP VAN app and get to knocking doors. In the world of campaigns time is an infinitely precious thing, and distributed canvassing goes a long way in making sure that more time is spent on voter contact rather than in front of a computer cutting up turf for the next day. By lowering the barrier of entry for potential canvassers to merely punching in a list number, campaigns will likely also notice an uptick in return volunteers as they will be shocked by the easiness of the process. Not to mention: having field organizers with more time to spend on other things is a priceless bonus as well.


NGP Van is known for its products that revolutionize the way we view progressive campaigns and has been trusted by so many Democratic candidates on social media especially that it’d be impossible to list them all. With distributed canvassing they are taking yet another giant leap forward, and with the 2018 midterms closer than ever it is refreshing to see NGP Van is still working on such a massive improvement of the current canvassing system. It is hard to even believe, but we could be seeing the end of turf cutting very soon NGP VAN hopes– certainly welcome news for any field organizer who has done the task before!


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