Sean Penn’s audiobook-turned-novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

With the plan to release Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff before elections, Sean Penn put his ideas in order and came up with an audiobook as he tells fans in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine. Its preview spread across the internet so fast that by the time it was published years later, the book had already been examined in and from all angles.


Having some facts, as readers believed, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff did not really appear as pure fiction. Despite Sean’s attempt at explaining that a book does not necessarily have to be opinionated, the mentality was already set and wouldn’t change anytime soon.


Writing is not only dependent on skill and passion, but rather on how well is in expressing themselves. It was amazing, according to Sean, how some of the writers that even though he did not know, he came across in his writing career; would express themselves so well and be totally free with words. This really inspired him, but Sean held on that he did not take tips from these writers, but simply acknowledged their prowess in writing freedom, and sought to try it out.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was one among the many novels that Sean is planning to release with time. Being 57 years old, he has a lot of extra time which he has decided to dedicate to writing. Sean ‘s life as it takes a different turn from the mere production of audio books to writing and publishing novels makes him elevated because of the dream he has of leaving a legacy; this legacy becomes a reality through writing.


Dissatisfied by what he has already achieved, Sean Penn wants to go beyond in writing, past Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and do something that will leave a mark in not only his life but also the world in whole. His discovery in writing has led him to the idea that the world of solitude is not that bad, especially for someone who needs to focus on a particular thing and work towards achieving it. Sean Penn is a famous actor, and in the coming years, he plans to be a global-selling writer.

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