Sheldon Lavin- The Triumphing Business Guru

Sheldon Lavin has a long success story on the meat industry having ventured into it 43 years ago. He took the full control of OSI Group in 1993. A company that has achieved tremendous growth under the management and leadership of Lavin boasting of serving clients in different countries and operating at least 55 facilities globally. The 81 years old still believe in expanding and growing this company. The OSI Group is top rated in Forbes as among the 100 top companies in America, and it offers high levels of quality and excellence in the food industry with Sheldon Lavin being an executive leader. Lavin has hit high standards of business milestone with successfully expanding the operations of OSI to many international markets in India, China and Europe and likewise, he has received many accolades and awards for his triumphing business tenures.

Sheldon Lavin was the Amick Farms Chairman after it was acquired by OSI Group in 2006 an American-Poultry company that deals with frozen and fresh chicken products. With the vision of Lavin to expand its strategies and gain high and mighty corporate presence in the European company, it purchased the Baho Food in 2016 August. The Baho Food is well rooted in Europe with five subsidiaries under its name and serving 16 European counties and a vast range of products and processing plants one in Germany and another one in The Netherlands.

The OSI Group in June 2016 purchased the Tyson Plant located in Chicago and near the company other Chicago facilities at a tune of 74 million dollars. The Tyson Food Plant is 200,000 in a square foot, and it’s a strategy to increase its products domestically and one of Lavin vision and prospectus. The wise purchase acted as a vital way of utilizing the company infrastructure and spurring its business growth and increase.

Because of the dedicated leadership of Sheldon the OSI Group subsidiary in the UK in 2016 received the Globe of Honours award given to companies achieving high and consistent excellence and achievements in environmental safety. Mr. Sheldon serves as the Rush University Medical Center General Trustee and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Director.
Sheldon Lavin was first involved in the financing aspect of Otto and Sons in 1970 before developing it into OSI Group. In 2016 February 2016 the Indian Vision World of Academy presented Sheldon Lavin with Global Visionary Award for his outstanding and impressive work. Lavin believes in proper and carefully investments agendas.

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